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louboutin JUST NOTHING 85 Loubi PVC and Patent calfskin 3190081R251

French designer Christian Louboutin (who wears red soles) is planning to respond to the New York court’s latest appealed a decision that allowed rival company Yves Saint Laurent to continue to use the own red bottom pump. Louboutin trademarked his signature logo in 2006, but that decision may ultimately change that that allowed a large number of imitators to exploit the sex appeal of red soles.

The case has caused some confusion in the fashion world. (Couldn’t YSL, they asked, find another color without carrying Louboutin’s signature – say, yellow?) For Louboutin (who has painted the soles of his shoes red since 1992), red suggests sensuality – and plays a role in Played a cunning role. The tool of subtle branding. He louboutin JUST NOTHING 85 Loubi PVC and Patent calfskin 3190081R251 told the New Yorker in March, “I chose this color because it’s attractive, flirtatious, memorable and The color of passion.” But red also carries connotations of wealth and power, especially in the history of fashion and footwear. Its powerful symbolism and peculiar history gives us some insight into why it remains such a seductive color for shoe designers-. and why they are willing to fight in court over its use.

In Western society, the color red has long been worn by soldiers, monarchs, popes, and other important figures as a symbol of brutality and power. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore the red flag in battle, and until the 1800s, soldiers wore it on the battlefield to intimidate their enemies. Fashion historian Valerie Steele, in her book “The Red Dress, It describes how John Duke John of Burgundy, the Intrepid, triumphed in 1406 and wore a “red velvet suit, lined with a red velvet jacket”. Grey fur, and to gold leaf workmanship”, which is his hallmark. Power. It’s a tactic that’s still popular among executives and politicians: think of Wall Street executives in the 1980s wearing red suspenders or ties, or Hillary cheap christian louboutin shoes Clinton and Nancy Pelosi wear red “suits”.
Red also denotes privilege: red dye is expensive to produce, so only those of means and status can afford it. (The Chinese say that red is made from dragon’s blood, imbuing the color with a rare magic.) Many European societies implemented property laws that dictated what certain social classes could wear, and red was usually reserved for princes or nobles . (One of the demands during the German peasant revolts of the 16th century was the right to wear red, which, of course, was adopted by the French revolutionaries) (Red as a symbol of rebellion.)

One particular symbol is the red high heel, which was first used by Aristotle (Aristos) in the 1600s The sneakers. Charles II of England wore them. His portrait in 1675 shows that his shoes had not only red heels, but also red soles. But it was Louis XIV of France who made them the “it” item among European monarchs. The red heels were so important to the Sun King that he passed a decree that only members of the nobility could be born. According to Philip Mansel’s Dressing Up Rule, dressing up in high heels indicated that The aristocrats have not soiled their shoes. But they also said that their wearers were “ready to suppress the enemies of the State under their feet”.

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